4Sim Racing 2nd Screen

This is a application I have done for Project Cars Game www.projectcarsgame.com

It uses the UDP to transmit from the game to display on the phone or tablet complementary information.


With the new update for Project Cars, update 7.0, console users can now have on their mobile phone or tablet information from the game.


– Project Cars – PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4 version

– UDP connection active on game

– A wireless connection between the PC/Game Console and mobile phone or tablet.

Display current, best and last time, position, lap, session event, session time remaining, speed, rpm, revmeter, fuel, water and oil temperature, and also tires info.

Slide up and down to switch time, slide for any side to show tires information.

Added support for dpad movement for switch time and screen info, single press for time and long press for screen change.

Beep sounds, slide up to change time and every 60 seconds verify fuel (below 5%), water and oil above 115 celsius degrees.

This is currently a beta version.


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