Desenho 3D

I started this project with one idea, create a 3D representation of wardrobes using XNA, but ended doing an almost complete different program.

The final product is far from completed because it has a lot of functions that can be added, but the version I will show here is being used for more than 2 years.

The application reproduces the wardrobe using data inserted and selected (using the client parameters). After the first phase we can add the internal elements and change some structural elements.

Key features

  • Can recreate the wardrobe within the space, single form, dual form (corner) or triple form (U / closet)
  • Has multiple combinations of structure, n for Top, n for Bottom, n for Left and Right
  • Sliding, hinged or plegable doors
  • Multi-material and MDF with patterns preview, both for sliding doors
  • Multiple predefined internal variables, change when needed or load a configuration file
  • Prints data with cut pieces with 2D draw representation
  • Prints label to stick after cut, using 2 kinds of printer, thermal printer type or dot matrix printer type
  • Display approximated weight (kilograms) and cubic size (meters)
  • Can explode/expand the pieces for better understanding

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