Import Desenho 3D saved file in Blender using a Python script

I made a python script to load the saved files from the application Desenho 3D (xml format) and with that data I reproduce the saved project in Blender.

I used the Blender 2.78.1 version, my PC has a intel i5 3570k processor but I used the GTX 1060 graphics card for the render, is much faster (in the video the render part is 8 times accelerated).

Video explaining the process

Initially I tried to used the Desenho 3D for creating more realistic images, but for that is necessary to create certain effects files and that was very complicated and when I switch for the display version to a more productive version, all the time was redirect to that version.

This year I started following a Python online course in Coursera, and I had an idea to create a script to recreate my Desenho 3D project in Blender, and there I could have a lot more options, like to render a more photo realistic image.

Images saved after each render

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